Club Files

Here are some reference files members may find helpful. You should consider printing the Local Rules and keeping it in your golf bag! Also, when the filename has 'form' in its name, it is a PDF form that you can download, open in Adobe Reader, enter in form-field data (name, etc.), print, then remit with payment -- often this is quicker and more readable than writing into the fields!

We update the annual membership application form near the end of August each year and you have until Dec 1 to make the lower payment (no late fee). If you pay by Dec 1, your membership will remain active for the next year, otherwise, it will be manually activated upon receipt of payment and continue until Dec.

NOTE: I have found that you may no longer be able to view files (I see either a log-in screen or a nearly blank window with its own menu selections). This appears to be a function of the browser/OS being used - Safari won't let me view files without logging into an account. (Chrome and Firefox are working. Don't know about Internet Explorer).

    1. Try this first: click on the filename. If you see the file contents, proceed normally (use File->Download in this window's menu if you want to print its contents).

    2. IF you see a nearly blank screen with filename in upper left corner (of window). Click on File->Download. You may have the option to specify the app to use (Reader is best for using form functions) or just Save the file.

    3. If neither steps above worked, come back here and try a right-click (or control-click) while hovering over the filename in the list. If you see a submenu of options, select the one that offers you the option to download the linked file.

Find that file on your computer (documents or download folder) and open in the desired application.