President's Cup

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Lydia Stang is chairing the competition and will assign flights. But all members can play a Match on that June 20 playday without committing to being in the President's Cup.

As a competitor of the President's Cup you will play 4 matches and you and your competitor make tee times and hand in your cards (see bulletin board by Pro Shop). You have until Sept 12 to complete your matches and you must play to gain points.

2017 President's Cup - Match Play
  1. Each flight will consist of 5 players by Handicap Index.
  2. Each player in each flight will play 4 matches.
  3. All matches must be completed by date given above (1 week prior to the Awards Luncheon) and matches may be scheduled at any time up to and including date [above].
  4. It is your responsibility to set up matches with each player in your flight
  5. The tournament is based on a point system. The winner of the President's Cup trophy will be the player who accumulates the highest number of points regardless of flight.
  6. Each hole on the scorecard is worth 1 point. If a tie occurs on any given hole, then the point is halved (1/2 or .5). Each match is worth a total of 18 points.
  7. Even if you lose a match by a few points, this does not mean you will lose in your flight. You may still be ahead of all other players in total points earned at the conclusion of the tournament.
  8. If you enter the tournament, you are making a commitment to play FOUR matches. If you cannot fulfill this commitment, please do not sign up for President's Cup.
  9. The lower handicapper will score gross only. The higher handicapper will receive the number of "pops" equal to the difference between her current handicap and her opponent's. A maximum handicap of 40 is allowed for players, for instance, if you and your opponent have handicaps of 40 and 42, you will each play to a 40 (no pops on any holes).
  10. current handicap and score a net score on the popped holes.
  11. Flight winners will consist of first and second place in each flight.
  12. Since each flight consists of 5 players, not everyone who signs up late will be entered into the tournament. And not everyone who plays on opening day will be playing an opponent in their President's Cup flight.
  13. Once the tournament has started, any disputes, cancellations, or other unusual circumstances pertaining to it will be settle by the TDWGC Board and the President's Cup Chair.
  14. USGA rules governing Match Play will apply and a copy of those rules will be issued on the "match play" playday. For tournament players not competing in an "official" President's Cup match on "match play" playday, the rules will be distributed prior to their first match.