PWGA Tournaments

Members of the TDWGC are members of PWGA. Entry forms for all major tournaments are in the PWGA handbook and online. Members wishing to play in the PWGA Seniors Tournament or in the Annual Spring Tournament should contact Leslie Williams pertinent information at least one month prior. You can also create an account in order to signup/pay for PWGA Tournaments. You are encouraged to sign up for and play in at least one PWGA Major Tournament in 2016.

NOTE: Flyers for events can be accessed from the 'Calendar' webpage. Click on the event of interest, then click on the word "FLYER" to see details about the golf tournament. HERE is an overview of tournaments/lodging.

TDWGC members are eligible to play in Sacramento Area Play Days. Information concerning deadlines for sign-up, as well as sign-up forms, is sent via email to all members with a current email address and is posted on the club’s bulletin board as well as online. If you have any questions, call Leslie Williams, the club’s PWGA Representative. Click here to download the PWGA entry form for all PWGA playdays - you can fill in fields electronically with Reader, then print.

Another benefit of PWGA membership is the ability to become a NCGA member for a fee of $25. More information (forms) are provided online at

Below is a listing of Sacramento Area Playdays and PWGA Tournaments. As members of our club you can participate in any Sacramento Area or PWGA Tournament listed below, except those that are qualifying rounds. You can also participate in other Area playdays - the list of dates/places can be found HERE.
HERE is an overall listing of PWGA Tournament lodging information.