The Tahoe Donner Women's Club consists primarily of Tahoe Donner property owners. Our season runs from late May to mid-October and our course is open to the public. Throughout the season we play a variety of games on Tuesdays and hold tournaments, including Match Play, Invitational or Member-Guest, and Club Championships. We have about 80 playing members.
NOTE: during the 2020 golf season, Tahoe Donner golf course will be closed. The ladies group will hold outings at other courses, but we will forego competitions we normally hold during the season and there will be no sweeps/games/eclectics this season. Therefore, we have reduced our dues.

Our annual dues for 2020 are $75 for Full (Tahoe Donner property owners) or Associate members, and $45 for Handicap-only members. Dues are to be paid by Dec 1 after which there is a late penalty of $10 for Full and Associate members ($85) and $5 for Handicap-only members ($50). The application form should be downloaded for printing. The application (this link is to the current Application form) itself indicates where to remit payment and who can be contacted if you have questions.

This site will describe how club members can register for Tuesday 
playdays and see an overall calendar.

If you have questions or need to contact the club board,
send email to tdwgclub@gmail.com

Send email changes to tdwgclub@gmail.com (e.g. send email
from your new address and include your name in the email).

A few notes on navigation (left side). Over view of our types of events is the header (e.g. Playday Signups) and lists the multiple events in one place. The sub-items under the heading are details about the specific day/event.